Lifespring Chapel 2013 Go…Colonize earth with the Culture of heaven

2013 is a great year that comes with excitement, anxieties and expectations for our Nation as we mark significant transitions in the leadership and governance of our great nation. This year is also marked as the Year of Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of Kenya’s Independence. Even more important, this year will be a test of the church’s influence in interpreting these historic events over the conscience of the Kenyan people. This year at Lifespring Chapel we will continue to stand up and be the salt and light for the world as we pursue our vision of a Community Transformed by Christ Transforming our world with Christ. In the last four years we have unfolded our vision alongside the four main objectives of the church that help us achieve Transformation. As a way of review:

We began in 2010 by establishing our LIFE Conviction, (Theme 2010- Building on LIFE Foundations)- that God is who He says He is and we are who He says we are- drawn from Matt: 16. The emphasis was the LIFE Foundations discipleship program which is the first step of our LIFE Cycle transformation Track.

In 2011 we focused on Building Meaningful Relationships (Theme 2011- LIFE Relationships). Here we hold that God has designed us for relationships where “we should spur one another on towards love and good deeds”. This is drawn from Hebrew 10:23”. This is the second step of the Transformation Track.

In 2012 we focused on (LIFE Stewardship) as we emphasized that all that we are and have has been given to us by God as stewards for our enjoyment but also for the extension of the Kingdom: drawn from Psalm 24.

As we step into the last phase of our Transformation Track, this year is very significant as we position ourselves to be the salt and the light of the world. When others are going seeking to establish human governments and colonies, this year at Lifespring Chapel, We will “GO!” with the mandate of Colonizing Earth with the Culture of Heaven. This is the essence of our fourth objective of LIFE- Missions. We acknowledge the power through the Holy Spirit given to us to establish LIFE plus Life culture in our Jerusalem (Embakasi) but also beyond. Drawing from Acts 1:8, this year Lifespring Chapel will be a church without walls as we enlarge our ministries but also draw others into God’s vision- Transformed to Transform. This Year our theme drawn from Acts 1:8, is “GO! ….Colonize earth with the culture of heaven”

We will do this by focusing on 6 main things spread throughout the year – what we call our BIG SIX

  • Lay Leadership Development for Go!- As we consider the vision even beyond 2013, We acknowledge the magnitude of the task ahead and for this reason we will have a strong emphasis in calling out the leadership in our members. There will be a need to step up into positions of lay and staff leadership through training, deployment and active participation in the ministries of the church. This will be a major Focus in this first Term and the Outcome is teams built and ready for deployment.
  • Active Prayer Mobilization for GO! – It is paramount that the active player in our theme this year is the Holy Spirit. As a first principle, we will start by focusing on prayer in seeking out the power given to us by the Holy Spirit. We will invite all, to actively participate in our 21 day of prayer and fasting initiative and other prayer avenues as we pray for our church, families and nation in seeking favour but also in breaking boundaries or limits around our theme this year.  Pray in the harvest.
  • Services Wired for Go! : We will focus on our services as an active window through which people are drawn to God’s vision. Through our biblically authentic, creative, refreshing, contextual and transformational services, we will challenge people through the preaching; active altar calls for salvation and discipleship but also for our members to seek to double themselves in number by being “salt and light”. With a target of 500 people attendance Target, we will build on our existing services including LIFE-Friday services but also introduce new services like the Rehema Swahili service to take in those “who were being added to their numbers daily”


  • Care and fellowship for GO! -We also acknowledge the need to care and grow our members through meaningful relationships in the church. In this way members can also extend charity to those who will come. By reviving and establishing our Life Groups, pastoral care groups, hospitality and visitation ministries we will be able to draw in the numbers but also provide a spirit filled community as espoused in Acts 2:42.
  • Active participation in mission, GO! – We will not only talk about GO! but provide avenues and activities that will give each member an opportunity to GO!. We will challenge our life-groups and other ministries to participate actively in at least one mission in the year. The Interns and Pastoral Trainees- local, regional and international -mission led activities will also be available to members of the church to participate. We will engage in multiple outreach activities including VBS, Good News Clubs, Life-skills led school missions, staff led door to door evangelism, Life Foundations Evangelism and mercy mission activities. We will also seek to establish partners and networks for Go! We will also seek to establish a commission that will begin looking critically into our 2015 church planting strategy including securing land for the same.
  • Facilities and resource development for GO! –As we anticipate growth, this year (Round Hii Tunahama)- we have a goal to begin having our services in our permanent building facility. Our campus in Syokimau will also have moved to their new plot and begin construction for their permanent sanctuary. As part of using and growing our facilities we will also begin a school within the Embakasi Premise. We will continue to encourage, challenge and motivate our people to give to the work of God and Lifespring Chapel as a way to GO!. We will also grow other ministry centres and facilities e.g. toilet blocks, seats and compound utility to accommodate the growth we anticipate this year

The end product is a somewhat church plant, what we will call a new colony, our vision reproduced. We invite all our people to participate in this great year as we set and lift the banner of our Lord in new and bigger territories. So, join us as we GO! Colonize earth with the culture of heaven.

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