This March at Lifespring Chapel Embakasi: Who are the Kamau’s?

Who are the Kamau’s? If I could describe them to you… that family always did things together. Every Sunday they went to church without fail, On Wednesday you would hear the singing from their house when the other members of their church joined them for fellowship. On Saturday morning, Mr. Kamau and his wife would take a walk while the children would be doing their house chores. Their weekly routines of driving to school and work in the morning at 6, doing homework in the evening, and eating together were so consistent. Then there were the usual holiday trips that left the rest of us in envy. Oh yes, they had problems too, but it’s how they treated each other that was different, how they forgave each other, how they shared stuff around, everyone was important and celebrated. You will know them when you meet them…it’s in how they talk, dress, look and even walk.
Every family and community has distinct features, behavior and or routines that differentiate them from the rest in the society. It’s the everyday practices and routines that give the society a window to who we are and our beliefs. Join us this month at Lifespring Embakasi in our worship services as we explore “The practices of a LIFE community” – The practice of Grace, The Practice of changed lives, the practice of changed Relationships, The Practice of Service and The practice of war with our Pastors Bob, Maina and Aluma.

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