March Series: Complete in Christ Alone. (Vs 10: You are complete in Him) Text: Col 2:6-23

March Series at Lifespring Syokimau

We are in a search, a desperate search for something. A missing puzzle piece of our lives that will make me a little ‘more complete’. A little more security in my position, a little more significant among people, a little more accepted in the community. Our ears are hard on the ground, our eyes searching the internet and the horizons, and our feet exploring the planet. We may not acknowledge it, but we know it, we crave, we bend, we manipulate and are manipulated, we are searching for ‘the thing’. Sadly too many voices shout Eureka! We found it, then again it’s not it. It’s fake.

This month at Lifespring Syokimau we invite you to end your search.  Your search is Complete in Christ. Christ completes your search. There is absolutely nothing, and no one, that God can give me in addition to Jesus Christ. If Christ is not enough, nothing is enough, and I am doomed to eternal restlessness in that case.

Wanting “something more” is a telltale sign that the pipe is clogged.  There is abundance in Christ that we have scarcely dreamed of, much less experienced.  If I do not experience Him in that fullness, I must make more room for Him, for God cannot give me any more of Christ than He has given; He can only ask for something more of me.

Series Objectives

  • To equip the believer with the Truth against many dissenting and confusing voices. Christ is the all sufficient truth that completes everyone in every way.
  • To confront false doctrine, legalism and human traditions and other traps that clog our Faith.
  • To Celebrate Truth as a Community. (Baptism Service, Celebration Service)

Week 1: It’s a slow fade: The allure of false hood

Week 2: Four Conflicts and Four Decisions we must face

Week 3: Take the shackles of my feet so I can dance. Alive in and Freedom in Christ

Week 4: Celebration of Truth (celebration Service and tentative baptism service)

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