Rooted in LIFE: Falling in Love with Jesus- Series Intro

“Have I been with you so long and yet you have not known me” Jn 14:9

True Love is rare on earth. Love means identifying with someone in thought, heart and spirit. The whole experience of our lives was designed to enable us to Know Love by entering into this closest relationship with Jesus. The Christian who is truly intimate with Jesus will only show the evidence of a LIFE where Jesus is completely in control.

(Oswald chambers)

In these last days it will be said of many “But you have forsaken your first love”. This valentine month of February we shift focus from human love and seek to fall deeper in Love with Jesus who is our first love. We build up on the foundations laid in January that asked “Lord what would you have me be?

We pick up from Col 1:15-23, by focusing on the supremacy of Christ we pray to arouse a deeper intimacy with the Lord under the grounding statement that Christ is all in all. Christ as the core and circumference of our lives, His sufficiency for and as LIFE. Join us as we fall in love with Jesus

  • Week One: Christ above all
  • Week two: Christ My All
  • Week three: Christ my Hero
  • Week Four: Christ my LIFE

We want to challenge everyone at the end of this series to take a personal retreat of at least half a day in solitude to be alone with Jesus through reflection and prayer as we ask ourselves “Who do you say Jesus is to you?

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