The Miracle, The Majesty and The Meaning of Christ’s Birth

Welcome to the month of December and with it a season of goodwill. At this time we typically slow down in our enterprises as we come to a close of the year. Thanksgiving fills the air, sharing and friendship get into center stage, we set aside time for fun and family. There seems to be a good spirit all around. Avery good thing comes from the Lord. It is the reason this month is special. This is not without opposition and competition for space in the worship of consumerism and materialism. It is for this reason that many Christians insist in their messages that it is time to put Christ back to Christmas. How do we put Christ back to being the “reason for the season”?

Larry King the famous host of the CNN Larry King Live Show was once asked by Donald Trump “If there is someone you would like to interview most, who would that be?” He answered Jesus Christ. I would ask him if He was really born of a virgin.” When Donald Asked Him ‘Why would you ask Him that?, He replied because that would define History for me” (Paraphrase). The question is How does the birth of Christ define history for you? Our services at Lifespring Syokimau this month will be special to reflect on this message.

20th Dec 2015- Christmas Service.
A brief service (10-11:30 am) of worship in Carols, fellowship and sharing of gifts. Consider carrying a wrapped gift with you to church for someone on this day. We also encourage you to deposit benevolent gifts with us at the church office to share Christ love with the less privileged in our community. The dress (Colour) Code for this service is White and Red. We will share in some photo session and cake cutting as we celebrate together.

27th Dec 2015 is our Sabbath Sunday. Instead of our regular worship together, this is Sunday we send out all our members, volunteers and pastoral staff to a time of personal ministry of presence in their ‘Home Churches’. These may be other churches with extended family, or meeting as home groups, or outreach visits e.g children’s home and prisons e.t.c. to share in the LOVE of Christ with others. This Sabbath Sunday , is also a time for personal and Community Rest as we reflect on God as the Enabler of our ministries and prepare to transition into the new year.

3rd January 2016 is our New Year Service. As we open the year and set off with EMERGE we will be spending extended time in prayer for Corporate and personal Commitments for the new year. In preparation for this, Kindly get a copy of our EMERGE Magazine and  take some time over this Holiday to reflect again on “What would you like me to be Lord”.  Consider setting your new year goals around EMERGE- How can you grow in the area of service, Giving, Missions, How can you grow in your discipleship.

Blessed Christmas

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