Exodus 3:10-21

This week, for many the unthinkable happened. The world is adjusting to the new 45th president of the United States of America- Mr. Donald Trump. A shrewd business man and a Reality Television star, with not much political background or and when began his political ambitions- he did not start aiming low, He aimed at the highest position in the land.

He’s been in the spot light for many controversial reasons and his utterances have stirred many utterances, His speech sometimes has been said to be careless. He has been criticized and even looked down upon. Some of his actions are questionable, but one thing you must admit about this guy is – The guy has passion.

He speaks his mind out, He is bold and courageous, Over confident sometimes and can be annoying in some people’s faces, He may not be as refined as Obama, but His passion and fire is unprecedented in many ways. Today I just learnt one of his first pronouncements when He gets into office is He will not take any SALARY. That’s Passion!

But can this passion translate to Care- Does he really care about the US citizens or is this another business venture, Does he care as much to be the president or to give Leadership?

We continue with our series Generous Living, and this month we focus on Leadership. We are saying that we are Blessed to Lead and we take our lessons from the life of Moses.

Last week we began by saying the call to leadership begins with a clenched fist. When there is a passion in us, that connects with God, When like Moses we have clenched fists about the way things are and we can’t stand it no more. These are our burning bush moments- when God draws us to share in his passion, when He draws us through our discomfort to care about what He Cares about? What gets you enraged? What is that Holy discontent- this could be your burning bush moment- Your call to leadership?

Today we pick up from where we left- While Passion is the beginning to the call of leadership, is Passion enough for the Kind of Leaders God calls us to be? Today we question when you are consumed by passion do you care enough to lead?

What happens with many great beginnings that end up weak and feeble? What happens to many promising passions and ambitions and fires in leadership after sometime? Is the charisma, energy and passion enough for leadership?

Today I propose to you that God is looking not just for Passionate leaders but Leaders who CARE? C.A.R.E is an Acronym for

Who is at the Centre- is it God or Man

Who is the Authority- Is it God’s or Man’s

How do we Respond- in faith or religious ways

Express outcome- A people defined by God’s Kingdom plan or by human cultural patterns.

Keep this in mind as we go through this text.

Turn now and let’s pick up from where we left- The Call of Moses at the Burning Bush.

Read Exodus 3: 10-21

You would think that after the passion Moses exhibited for the suffering and injustice of the people of Israel to the point of Killing an Egyptian, This call and Mission would be a simple response. Moses, A man of great capacity, well educated in the classes of Egyptian royals, preserved by Gods favor and strategic ambassador for the children of Israel to their Oppressors- he had all it takes to be a great leader?

But this conversation with God reveals a refining moment on the Kind of Leader God was calling him to be.   Read Vs. 10-11

Something is revealed in his question “Who am I”. Now please note this is not a statement of humility but of fear and weakness. All of a sudden Moses becomes self-conscious? The Mission all over sudden becomes mismatched with the leader- is it that it was too grand a mission for Moses? As many of us would- Moses quickly shrinks when He looks at Himself and the task ahead.

It may be the reversed order- He first looks at himself and not the one sending him. This is common in us, When God calls us, and we first quickly look at our fitness, our stock, our resources, and our abilities? We first become self-conscious, and not God conscious.

But this is a question of Who is at the Centre?

Who is at the Centre of this Mission? Is it me or God?

The shocking message in the bible continues to be that God has chosen the least suspecting of all vessels to do his greatest work. What you are at his particular moment in your life is irrelevant- your nationality, your education, your personality, or how you are physically, spiritually or otherwise. Who you are when God calls you is irrelevant- What counts is Who is Calling you and What He is capable of making you to be?

Too often passions are about us, about me? It’s about my skills, my talents, my charisma.

There is too much rallying of following your passion, many leaders will tell you passion is everything? Our youth are told to pursue their passions, influence is seen in the passion- but too much passion without God at the Centre becomes attitude. ATT. And at some point you will see that in many of our leaders today- People who begun with passion but now have an attitude.

In my journey to leadership and especially in the church, Like many of us, I began with a great zeal and fire. Enflamed by Stories of great leaders like Billy Graham and others- I was excited to think the sky is the limit, I will become greater and do more, Many people will come to know the Lord through me? I remember those after high school years, filled with energy, courage, confidence and boldness, I was enflamed? I wanted the spot light.

But over the years, God has continued to refine this Call to Lead, While Passion is a good start- Do you Care enough to lead. I have learnt that I need to CARE about what God CAREs about and too many times that is not easy – as we will see with Moses. God has brought me to realize that ministry, serving him is not about me at the Spot light but him- So there have been moments of humbling and background- God brings me to the point of not asking him-

Who am I, but ‘who are you in me?’

God’s response is an assurance of I will be with you- In other words- I am not sending you alone, I will be with you. In other words- you are not to rely on your resources, strength, passions and ability, but rely on me. This is the journey of Christian Leadership. As Paul says- No confidence in the flesh.

In other words- God calls us to be LIFE in life leaders- His LIFE in ours is our All sufficient resource. God says to us and later as we see in the life of Moses- that My strength will be your strength, my power will available for you.

Who is at the Centre?

Then Moses asks the question- Who are you?- What shall I say, In other words- Who is the Authority you speak by? Who gives you the authority to lead?

For the first time in Israel’s history, God disclosed his personal Name- I AM. He says I AM WHO I AM. God reveals himself to Moses and the Children of Israel as the uncreated source of all existence. Usually- You would expect an object after the Name  I AM…., in other words God sets himself apart by this Name from idols and other created forms of gods. He is the self- pre-exisiting, uncreated source of all things. Until this time Israel had known God as EL- Adonai, Elohim which are generic titles such as God Most High, God everlasting, God Sovereign, But by this Name- God reveals his Covenant relationship with the Children of Israel-  A personal way they were to know Him.

So for Moses- God was saying I AM the Authority you will go with. In other words the un-likened, uncreated and sovereign God who is the source of all is the one sending you. God gives a name to his LIFE. I AM is a name of unlimited possibilities, it’s a name of infinite characters- This is the nature of God’s LIFE.

How does this make a difference in the leadership of Moses- The possibilities are endless, the power is unmatched. For the people of Israel- God was calling them to a unique covenant fellowship where God will be their God and will reveal himself to them. This changes leadership- doesn’t it.

Our Authority to lead comes from God? Do you know that authority?

So we are not calling you to serve, God is calling you to lead. God commissioned His Church with this Authority- Jesus left us with this charge- Go and Make disciples. This is the authority we believe is behind EMERGE and the Vision for this Church?

Which authority keeps you from going, speaking serving- when God’s authority has commissioned you?

This is the authority that keeps passion in check, it keeps passion from becoming att.

So how do we respond to such a Call- We repent of our passions and Ideas- the Call to lead is about God at the Centre, Its about God’s authority not our own Names, but His Name.

So the Response is by Faith– When God becomes the Centre and the authority- we cannot imagine our own kind of response. It will take Faith to Lead.

God is looking for leaders who will put their faith in God- Who will respond not merely by doing what other leaders do, Faith meant Moses waiting on God’s plans and not coming up with his plans on how to rescue the Children of Israel. Obedience is the outcome to faith.

As you will see on his leadership journey, Moses learnt to wait on God for Instructions all the way.

So God is calling you to lead not because everything is clear from the beginning- where will the resources come from, where will the people come from, what plans do we have- My answer to you is by faith.

But lastly God is looking for Leaders- who have God’s Kingdom plan as the Express outcome not human culture. In other words God sent Moses to bring the Children of Israel out so that He can bring them in and make them His Nation.

They were not the people of Moses, they were the people of God. Moses was not building his own Kingdom, but the Nationhood of Israel belonged to God, with God at the center. And at some point in history the Jews often forgot that Moses was but a vessel.

God calls us to lead not to make a name for this Church, or for ourselves, but to acknowledge the Name that already is- The Great I AM. Biblical Leadership therefore is discipleship. Serving is not an option, but a step of obedience in building God’s Kingdom- Not just building Lifespring Chapel.

In conclusion- God is calling us to be leaders who CARE. Not like Donald Trump with passion and Charisma of Who I am, but those who acknowledge The Great I am, in who we are. With God at the Centre, His Authority as Ultimate, Those who will respond by Faith and those who are out to build His Kingdom, not their own Kingdoms or empires or legacies.

Let’s Pray- In repentance

Read Ex 3-4

How has your passion turned into attitude?

In the areas of your leadership…Who would you say is at the centre?

How does the revelation of God affect your calling to Lead and serve?

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