Love the Lord with All your Mind…

Series: Deeper in the Word                                                                                                                Rom 12:1-2

I recently attended a seminar on the new education curriculum being rolled out and was particularly amazed at the extent of research, thought and work that has gone into it; over 10 years of research.

With a clear vision of Engaged, Empowered and Ethical citizens and a mission of Nurturing every learners potential,  The system aims at developing what they call the 7 core competencies for the 21st century. These are; communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, citizenship, Digital literacy and learning to learn and lastly self-efficacy. I was excited for my children, that someone had thought about preparing them for the future and for the record, I am in support.

It is said “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, to waste a Mind is to Waste a Person. To invest in the mind, is to invest in the person”

In the same way, Have you ever stop to wonder or considered with the current trends in Christianity what the 21st century believers will look like? Does it feel like as the world is equally changing, we will need a new curriculum for Christians too? Has God provided for the 21st century believers or Did it all go with the apostles and the missionaries?

I am a little worried that the Christian Mind may be ravaging in waste and losing out on the efficacy of the Gospel and especially in these times to come. The dynamic rise of experts, ideologies, cults, doctrines, technology, teachings and experiences, is slowly pushing Christianity to be an emotional crutch to survive the times. Christianity is becoming more about feelings that facts.

Scripture, Exhorts “Love the Lord your God, with all your mind, heart and soul” Sadly there is unbalanced focus of loving the Lord with all your heart/emotions and very little attention to loving the Lord with all your mind. The result is a lazy and sloppy engagement of the Christian Mind into building faith?

Scripture in Rom 12:1-2 , admonishes the believer to a serious engagement of the mind for his worship and conduct.  (Read)
How often do you think about what you believe? How well would you be able to defend and reason out your faith?

Someone commented on this tragedy
“We are having a revival of feelings but not of the knowledge of God. The church today is more guided by feelings than by convictions. We value enthusiasm more than informed  commitment.”

I am compelled to ask us these questions, after an experience of seeing a friend believer brainwashed into a cult resulting to the lose of her marriage and family.  The question begs….where does the Mind go when we believe….Do we forget it

It is no wonder our Faith is the fodder for mockery and shame in society. Wayward pastors with shallowness of content results in faith being associated with the unschooled.  It is no wonder that in Rwanda, the government has threatened to shut down churches of pastors without theological training.

Or have you been in those intellectual discussions among peers or the ‘elite’ people and you struggle to bring up your faith for  fear of it’s irrelevance, awkwardness and ignorance.

We continue with our series Exponential-This Month we look at Deeper in the word. Today I question: How can we grow in our Loving the Lord with All our Mind?

My Thesis, is that A mind that is redemptively focused on Christ as Savior and Lord and is renewed regularly by Scripture is the mind that achieves greatest gains and will thrive in the 21st Century and experience the least waste.

As someone said helping thinkers to believe and believers to think.

Lessons from Scripture.

After Paul has explained in great detail Gods great wisdom and plan for Salvation for all mankind, from the first 11 chapters, He begins his conclusion here in chapter 12 with what then is appropriate response to all that God has done.

In view of God’s mercy as demonstrated in the gospel, We are to offer our bodies as Living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God- We are to bring our whole bodies to the altar.
Verse 2 adds a particular weight- Do not conform to the patterns but Be ye transformed by the renewal of your Mind – The result is you will be able to test nd approve God’s will- His good pleasing and perfect will.

Renewal of the mind then is critical for Transformation. He emphasizes that the mind needs to be made new again.
Paul could have said by developing close feelings to God, or intensify your desires for good things but he chose to zero in on the mind.
Why because this was the beginning of our fall, a depraved mind.

He describes this mind in Rom 1:18-32.
The consequence of man’s disobedience in Genesis 1-3, begun this down fall, Exchanging the truth of God for a lie.  A wasted mind.
A great work of discipleship then involves a serious effort to redeem, restore and renew our minds. Colossians says set your minds not on things on earth but on the things above.
Sadly Faith today is portrayed as illogical, irrational and emptiness of thought and that spirituality excludes reasoning.

On the contrary: Faith results from
1. The content on belief –  We must continuously question if the content is True or False. When we develop a mind that seeks the truth and is able to sift the lies. what do you feed your mind as the Truth?

2. The Strength of belief – Our faith grows with evidence. When we develop a mind that explores God’s word by finding evidence we grow stronger. How are you training your mind to explore the Truth of God’s word.

3. The Centrality of belief- Our faith becomes convictions when we see the truth of scripture applying to our lives. It calls for correct use and application of Truth. How correctly are you applying/handling the word of Truth?

What is the curriculum God has given us? Does God have a New curriculum for the modern christian- The Word of God remains the All sufficient, inerrant and authoritative source of Truth for the world before our time, in our time and beyond our time.

How then do we apply our minds  in worship and to study God’s word?
We must:
1. Vigorously fight – Distractions to God’s Word- TV and entertainment that push the word of God into the sphere of lifeless, boring activity.  Resist a Couch potato faith- Passive and infantile, waiting to be fed, Television is one of major culprit.

2. Get in spaces and discussions where your faith is challenged. Avoid Passiveness of Faith, Stop hiding behind personality- reading and applying only portions of scripture. Dare yourself to understand, query, debate.

3. Nurture the discipline of engaging in God’s word. Begin small, be systematic in your approach, Join a bible study class, take notes during a sermon, pray out scripture, journal and reflect on God’s Truths once in a while.

Dont waste your mind, it is God’s tool for the preservation of His word. When we invest in the renewal of our minds, we are able to test and approve the will of God. in other words we will tell apart the lies and truths both now and in the times to come. God’s word remains sharper than any double edged sword.





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