Day 1: Gospel Reflections from Jesus perspective

John 1:1-18 – Gospel Perspective
Word, life, light, fullness, grace, truth––they must all be understood with the addition of LIFE, divine LIFE to My human life
(John 1:1-18). Consider . . .  verse four: “In him was life.” Dwell on that word ‘life.’ It was actually LIFE—divine, not human. My human life was blessed with
LIFE.  verse five: “That life was the light of all mankind”—that LIFE was divine LIGHT for all human life.  the first six words of this passage: “In the beginning was the Word.” Followed by “The Word was with God and the Word was
God” (vs.2). The ‘Word’ is also ‘WORD’, not just part of a human vocabulary.  verse 14: “The Word became flesh”––divine LIFE joined with human life, enlightenment, and words––incarnation.
John, more than Matthew, Mark or Luke, revealed a LIFE-in-life perspective on the gospel. At 90 years of age, he was the last
living Apostle as he wrote this record, describing events that occurred 60 years previously. Decades of deepened understanding
prompted the Holy Spirit’s inspiration of John’s bold, brilliant revelation.
That perspective is available to you, because I have given you Myself––the WORD, LIFE, LIGHT, FULLNESS, GRACE AND
TRUTH (vs.10-13). I was incarnate so that you could become incarnate as well according to God’s will

Dr. Larry Niemeyer

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