Day 2: Gospel Generations (Mat 1:1-23)- LIFE in life reflections through the perspective of Jesus

My entrance into the diversity of human life was exceptional. I became the first born of gospel generations (Matthew 1:1-23).

Matthew traced My family line through Joseph (vs.2-17). It began with Abraham––father of the Jews––and moved forward to Me. He wrote to Jewish readers, listing 42 names. Joseph, however, was not My father.

Mary became expectant with Me by a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18). Joseph was not involved. My true Father was God Himself. I was born with two lives. Human life from Mary, divine LIFE from God. 100% human; 100% divine. Exceptional.

LIFE from My Father was of another kind. From Me, LIFE-in-life people would become new gospel generations. Prophets said I would be called Immanuel––“God with us” (1:22-23). However, they did not fully understand the ultimate significance of My coming. Yes, I would reveal God with you, but I would more deeply reveal the meaning of God in you.

I want to infuse and permeate your life with God’s heavenly LIFE. I want you to belong to My gospel generations linked by LIFE. You, too, are meant to live by the divine design—LIFE-in-life, incarnation.

Dr. Larry Niemeyer

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