The Call to Dance

Let me begin by asking an unexpected question, when did you last have a good dance? When did you last enjoy a good dance? 

The event was just right, I had just bought the right jacket, I was in my favorite clothes, but why was I a little uneasy, the music was playing, everything in me said get on the dance floor. I wondered how I was to begin, practiced my gentleman skills….what was I going to say. Then I realized this was going to be the first time I was going to dance with someone, someone special….she looked beautiful and amazingly gorgeous, no wonder I was nervous.

And I finally braced myself and reached out to her in the crowd and invited her for the dance, almost shyly she agreed. My heart racing fast, my moves slowed down, and as she looked over my shoulders and I looked over hers, I knew the Dance of my life had begun and we have been dancing ever since.

Today, We will be focusing on God’s intention for Relationships in the light of the new Kenya in this sermon I have entitled: The call to Dance or the call to meaningful Relationships. The Bible says God sings over us in Zephaniah, and I believe to every song the appropriate response is a Dance and the question we ask today is, are you Dancing?

Now dancing, is an interesting art, Wikipedia defines Dance

Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expressionsocial interaction, or exercise.

Well in dancing there is away in which the mood, the rhythm and the muscles must be in harmony to create flow which brings delight. It’s gets complex when you grow older.  Now it’s even more interesting when you dance with someone else. This flow must be shared, this music must be shared, this feeling must be shared, this move, there must be harmony.

It will be embarrassing if I spin and he doesn’t catch me, it’s embarrassing to knock heads, to step on someone, to twist the hand in the wrong way….every move must be in harmony between the dancers…Now some of you don’t know how to dance physically, But the call to Relationships is really the call to Dance and not just Dance alone but do so with someone and get delight.

Turn with me and let’s witness the first Dance, where everything else began. We proceed with Genesis Chapter 2.

READ: Allow me to bring out the following two reflections from this passage.

  • We were made for Meaningful and enjoyable Relationships. We were made to Dance
  • We need each other to enjoy LIFE. We need each other to Dance


This second account of creation is given but with a special emphasis on the place of humanity. In chapter one man was simply introduced as made in the image of God and given dominion to rule. The dance floor is set, the earth is finished but it needs man to work the ground. God had finished his work of creation and said everything was good.

From the earth God formed man. The process of creating human life was unique, it was not a let there be, but it involved 2 steps, first being formed  as the work of an artist, shaping a piece of clay, the structure was God’s creation.

The emphasis is that God made you a man or woman, your physical shape and structure. But have you observed the creativity in your body lately, why such symmetry, such shape? The second step involved Breathing in and thus man became a living being. Literally means a living soul.  God’s breath gave Life to this shell/form. In breathing God gave us his Image, His relational nature:  Our humanity, the ability to sense, feel, laugh, talk, cry, speak, express ourselves. In other words God breathed in us the mood and all it takes to come alive on the dance floor. But Why I ask. In breathing in us his Image God breathed the essence of being human which is to be relational. Now why didn’t God just stop at form…?

  1. My first point is that we were made for Relationships. We were made to Dance. Man was made in the image of God to become fully alive but also so that he can live in community. God breathed the mood and heart beat for rhythm in man and set him on the dance floor. The God -made form and image of God allows us to Live or enjoy or Dance. This is every man’s right and dignity.

To emphasize, that despite the Language, color, gender or tribe God made us in all this variety but at the core His Image makes us human. His image makes me look at the Kamba, Kikuyu and say they are as human as I am with the Image of God. We need to resist the lies that suggest to us that some tribe, culture are more human than others, God  does not peg our humanity on race, class, money but for as long as we are human, we can dance and dance with each other.

Are they humans like you…Do they have a head, hands just like yours, and then you can dance with them. The church must demonstrate this kind of dance. Today I speak especially to the younger generation need to show this. We need to break away from the lies and traditions that tell us some people or tribes are more human. I imagine in the next election, that before you speak hatefully-of a luo or Kikuyu,or whichever tribe… you will remember one of them is your wife, brother in law. I see this as the way to break the division of tribalism in our new Nation. The church living its purpose, One Lord, one Faith one baptism, one God and father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

When we begin to see each other as the image of God just like ourselves, we can trade with them, we can catch up for tea, we can intermarry, we can buy land together, we can share, we can dance with one another. But on to my second point

  • We need each other to Dance: God Made Adam and put Him on the garden of Eden Vs:8.

Now Eden means Pleasure or Delight. Eden is a physical place here on earth.  The rivers that watered it suggest that Eden lay somewhere in the vicinity of modern Iraq. God made this beautiful place for man to delight. Eden was a place fertile with Life, ideas. It was not just a place for man to live and die forever, but a place to begin life and spread this life to the rest of the world. The dance floor was set, the music is just right, the dancing rules and boundaries had been drawn, don’t eat the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil (and No the fruit does not mean sex- we will look into the last week…. but there was one problem. Adam had no one to Dance with?

Now we need to ask, Why the form? Why the hand if there is no one to shake hands with, Why the Image? Why ability to laugh with no one to laugh with, why the ability to cry with no one to hear your cry, why the ability to sing if no one to hear your song, why the ability to Dance with no one to dance with. Why sing if there is no one to enjoy your song….Your fullest expression as a human can only be experienced by another human. It is only in community that we can manifest the image of God.

  • We need each other to Dance, we need each other

God provides the solution… in verse 18-20

Remember God made creation and said it is very good but here is the first thing that God said is not good. It is not good for man to be alone. Loneliness is not part of his equation for man. It is not good for man to be alone. God said I will make him a suitable helper. Mark the words Suitable and Helper. Now there are many lessons we can learn from this about man and woman relationships. I am getting there

As Adam went around naming the animals, He saw them in their variety female and male, He saw them in their different shapes and behavior. He may have thought what about me, who will fit me, and the closest he may have found would be a monkey or a baboon, but they were all taken….But for Adam no suitable helper was found. God had the solution

A helper was found in another human– Eve. Man had begun to exercise His dominion over creation as God’s representative, but he needed a helper, a suitable helper.

This is not a demeaning term but a literal cry for man to help…Help me. Now help is not assist me here, Help is not suggestive, help is am drowning, I need you, bila wewe swes-make. Adam found the perfect help to his Loneliness.

God put man into deep sleep and God pulled out a rib made the Woman. She was made out of man, but not a product of man. Thus she was not a child of Adam, or a slave of Adam but a companion capable of intimate relationship. I am part of you and you are part of me. You are my completer. One man for one woman.

Let me start generally with relationships in general then I’ll get to the relationship of a man and a woman in the context of marriage.

 Relationships begin in the context of family. God chose that every man and woman would come to life through the context of family, a man and woman coming together. Your family is a sacred and God ordained means to bring life and platform for relationships. When this institution prospers (functions as God intended it the society prospers. Unfortunately many of us have stopped dancing on our families. The Home has lost its Dance, Sin and Deception has robbed our families the joy dancing with one another. Hence the broken society. The striking hooligans, thieves, drunkards…all have families; the question is where they are and what happened?

Some of us here have lost the joy of our family relationships, either because of un-forgiveness, anger, pride or bitterness we are unable to dance at home. The home has lost its joy, guys come home and they retire to their bedrooms. We don’t like to enjoy, we don’t put effort to enjoy our homes, our parents and siblings. How would you describe your family relationships…are you dancing? And what is stopping you?

But on to man and woman relationships, first the unmarried

There is a place for deep trust in God to bring the right kind of person to us. God enjoys seeing the amazement when he presents to us what he has been working on all night. There is a place to wait on God and Discern if indeed it’s my time t wait. This time of waiting may appear long but its Good time to learn to Dance with God himself before Dancing with another.  If we went on this business looking for a Suitable helper we might find ourselves with a baboon.

However, we must not stay asleep for long, for in the morning God says wake up; I have someone I would like you to meet. Some of you may-be out of fear refuse to hear God say wake up, I need you to meet someone, put on your dancing shoes and get on the dance floor… someone is waiting.

And when He woke up he said “WOW-man”.  My perfect, completer….Bone of my bones flesh of my flesh and God sets these two on another set of dancing rules for just the two of them.

Read vs. 24: Now to the Married

Now this next level of dancing is serious and is not for the faint hearted, because it is a dance for a lifetime and an anchor for the society as well. You must take the steps carefully. Some Dancing lessons for those of you who want to go this direction or are on this road, but also some lessons for you who should go on this level

A man shall leave- The step of priority– You must make the other person ultimate priority, leave all else, it’s a commitment to prioritize and focus on no one or nothing else, Your father and mother are to be left, this is not oringo bayoyo dance. Do you feel prioritized… Are you the only one in his/her arms? Are you prioritizing your spouse? Some people say the grass is greener on the outside…it is time to water yours, and its green because you can’t see the manure from here. To the ladies, Even your relationship with your children depends on the strength of this priority. Children are not an excuse.

A man shall leave but also cleave- The next step is the step of Pursuit. Pursuit means work. Pursuit should not end after the first few years, but is a continuous daily commitment to love your spouse regardless of your emotions. It will involve daily commitment to work at it. For the men, It is not based on a point system….It is highly perishable, yesterday’s love is stale, you need to work at today’s and guess what they don’t accumulate.  And if you feel you’ve fallen out, recreate those early days of intense pursuit. Are you ready to commit to dance according to this law?

 And the two will become one flesh- The next step is everything becoming one, common, shared, There is no more, my time, my money, my career…everything becomes our. Nothing is mine anymore, and anything that is mine or hers are the dangers to watch out on, in this dance.

The last step is the step of purity– They were naked but they felt no shame. This simply means they were completely unashamed to share the most secret and intimate things. It needed absolute openness and trust and heart to heart talk, no fear, no shame? – are you ready for this Dance Step?

To the married and unmarried, before you think sex…learn these dance moves first otherwise sex becomes a trap instead of the gift God intended it to be for those who will dance according to God’s rules. If not, I say to you don’t arouse love before it is time, but for some of you I need you to get on the dance floor and dance. Stop feeling nervous, get your dance groove and ask her for the dance?

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