Sermon series: the Rebirth of a Nation Title: The Call to LIVE- A fresh Start


On Monday I woke up and woke my family with so much excitement went to the ballot, at first there was so much confusion, but you could see the excitement as Kenyans voted, the week was long and finally the verdict came. My reactions: I lost, I feel bad but I acknowledge it’s the voice of Kenyans and ultimately God’s choice and I found myself first repenting, and then praying a blessing of wisdom. But let me also give us a chance to get it out…. Ok, let’s get it out, we won, we lost…

The verdict is out and guess what? we are here.  Before we begin, here are two questions for reflections

  • What is your message for Kenyans at this time? Have you learnt any lessons
  • Where will you be in the next general election

Today we continue with our series on the Rebirth of a nation, As we reflect on the events that have just happened and the hope of the Nation under the leadership of the 4th President of Kenya, His Exellency -Uhuru Kenyatta, Today we ask What would God be saying to us…., what does all this mean? I have entitled my sermon, the call to LIFE a fresh start for all.

Speaking of a fresh start, today we go back to where it all began, the Garden of Eden at the very beginning. Our scripture today comes from Gen 1:1-31. The book of Genesis meaning beginnings,  is said to have been written by the earliest known Scribe Moses to the people of Israel at the time of slavery in Egypt, to remind them of their history where it all began and who is the author of their history. That God is the author of history, and he has a plan.

Today I have two simple reflections to share with us

  • The environment is just right… it is good
  • We have all that it takes to become all that God wants us to be..

Let’s begin by getting things straight, creation has its owner, God is the creator, and nothing is a product of evolution or some cosmic scientific bhang. Verse one puts it straight to us God created the heavens and the earth. Verse 2 begins as a continuation that after God made the heavens and the earth it was formless and so he continues and God speaks order and Life and it was.

Note:  Let there be’s. He calls the things that are not as though they are.

Imagine with me that we are there with God….Imagine seeing this earth for the very first time, Imagine seeing the tree…. ( I think a good picture is the Safaricom Niko na video) Imagine seeing Kenya as God made it

Nikon a safaricom…Niko na God.

But leading us to our first reflection what was God after, What or who did God have in mind… why such creativity, why the detail, why the articulate balance of temperature, time, gravity …For whom was God preparing this glory for ….

The glory of God is revealed through creation. As the psalm says in Ps 19:1-4…the heavens declare of your glory

He made these things to bring himself glory, but who was going to be the beneficiary and agent of this glory. I suggest to you that it was for humans. It was for us

He made the light just right for man to see, He made the flowers, just right for man to appreciate to take note of color, and texture. God had man in mind when he was making all this. The gravity, air pressure, oxygen, temperature… was just right.  As someone said the Glory of God is man fully alive. When Man is able to enjoy and appreciate all that God has made and done, He is glorified.

When you eat and are happy, when you go to bed and sleep, when you eat and you can taste, when you drink and can be filled, when you see and can be amazed, when you work and enjoy, when you date and feel chemistry, when you study and pass, this is man being fully alive. God is happy.

God is happy when you can experience joy, peace, delight.

You may not have the privilege of being Adam and walking into this world with all its beauty and systems functioning. But today this joy, this purpose has not changed.

My first point is this

  • The environment is just right… it is good. As a nation, this government, this nation, this season, your environment, your president is God given and is just right for you to fully come alive. Your circumstances, your situation and environment is,  just right for God to use you for His glory and that is you becoming fully alive. Your story is just right for His glory.
  • The new government becomes our new platform and God has seen it just right. For some of you it is the right season for you to grow, the opportunities are just the right ones, Your time is just the right time. In the next five years where will you be…. God wants you to become fully alive, enjoy all that he has for you this season….Some of you need to take bold steps this next 5 years….Some of you need to be married, need to be in a new job position, some of you in school, some of you in college, some of you need to be out of your mother’s houses…the time and environment is just right…Are you fully alive? What are some of those things in 5 years you need to have done or be to say I am fully live.
  • Unfortunately, most of us have a wrong view of what God has already said it is good, we have not fully come alive and tendency is to blame God for it. We don’t think it’s the right time, we don’t think I was brought up in the right family, nation, if only I went to a different school. No matter your environment, your situation or your position…God has ordained it and it is just right for you to become fully alive. Your resources and potential are just right. We can stay there and blame the government, blame the ICC, blame the systems, blame God…or say if others have made it, you too can make it in Jesus Name.

But we also see something else; God did not just make the environment just right for His glory, God made you just right, to come alive. My second point is this we have all it takes to be

  • Read verse 26- 31

Here is that famous statement made in the image of God, What does that mean…This is not a physical image like that of a mirror.

When we talk about the Image of God we speak of what makes us Human, the shared qualities of God.  Like one theologian – Berkhof sums up the image of God in man as consisting of the:

“soul or spirit of man, that is, in the qualities of simplicity, spirituality, invisibility, and immortality. But also in the faculties of man as a rational and moral being, namely, the intellect and the will with their functions.

The Image of God in us is the instrument through which God can exercise dominion over the earth.

  • Read vs 28

What does this mean for us?

God gave us the potential to bear fruit, to develop what he has made to work for our Good. Remember our theme last year, all that we have and are has been given to us by God for our enjoyment but also for the extension of His kingdom.

These qualities are only found in man not animals.

My second Point is this: We have all that it takes to become all that God wants us to be. God has blessed you with potential, ability to recreate, ability to develop for good. You were made to exercise God’s dominion over the earth and its circumstances.

God has blessed you with opportunities, passions, skills, spiritual gifts…

Look at your hands and tell yourself, I have all that I need to become everything that God has called me to be. Look at yourself, you have the ability to make something out of yourself but also to enjoy who you are.

The problem comes in when we forget the image of God in us, when we loose touch with the one whose image we bear, then we become survivors. We live to see another day and we are happy, that’s how other creatures live, Like the rabbit grazing and not knowing if tomorrow it shall fall prey to a carnivore,  live but you…God gave you the potential to become better, to see ahead, reason, think, plan and become. It pleases God when you are fully alive.

As I finish, I go back to that question, where will I be in the next 5 years, where will I be in the next general election?  I also reflect and ask where I was in the last gen election, and where am I now? Am I fully alive? Or am I surviving?

I wish to remind us that

God has ordained this season, time, nation and environment and it is just right, just right for me to become fully alive. I will not blame the circumstances, I will become fully alive? This is the call to life- A fresh start.

God has given me his image, to rule and exercise dominion, I will not be a victim of life, I will exercise dominion over life, I will take charge of what God has given me and become better…

Pray….those stagnating, those who have been blaming circumstances, The call to LIFE begins by knowing the creator the giver of LIFE.

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